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Our goal is to help businesses improve their security, operational processes and overall efficiency by deploying cutting-edge security, CCTV, Video Analytics, Intercom, and Perimeter Detection systems. Tritech Solutions understand the unique security and operational challenges faced by logistics and warehouse facilities. The systems we deploy provide a comprehensive security solution for your logistics and warehouse facilities which include integrated security and access system, high-resolution CCTV cameras, powerful video analytics software and secure intercom systems. With these tools, you can monitor your facilities in real-time and quickly respond to any security and safety incidents.


Why Partner with Tritech

We are customer focused

Customer service is built into our culture with dedicated Project Managers and Client Services Teams for each project and customer to ensure all needs are met.

We form longstanding partnerships

Our goal is to service "like-minded" customers as our goal is to keep servicing you in the long term.

We are flexible

We can deliver top tier projects and still make quick decisions to ensure changes in the market do not impact our ability to service you.

We are technical

We can translate your business requirements into fully operational systems that are integrated and customised to your environment.

We’ll take care of all your technology needs.

Need security, CCTV, monitoring, we do it all.

Case Studies

Observatory Tower

Observatory Tower Glen Webber, a building manager with then 20 years experience, has been using an Access Control System with support by Tritech Solutions since

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Camperdown Project

Camperdown Project Matias Dawson, construction manager at fip electrical, discusses how tritech solutions managed the installation of the security systems at the Camperdown project Project

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Engadine Community Centre

Engadine Community Centre Engadine community centre is a building that utilises cctv cameras and access cards to increase its security for staff and clients. It

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