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Observatory Tower

Glen Webber, a building manager with then 20 years experience, has been using an Access Control System with support by Tritech Solutions since 2005. Here Glen explains how well the system has worked for the building and the second-to-none service he received from the team at Tritech.

Project Details

Which products or services have you utilised from Tritech Solutions?
The building installed an access control system that provides residents with secure access to the lifts, pool, gymnasium, front door, car park and other areas within Observatory Tower.

How long have you had this system in operation?
In 2004, we upgraded our original access control system due to the fact that there was no local support for the product. In 2006, we negotiated a maintenance contract with Tritech and they have maintained the current system since then.

Are you happy with the access control system and its maintenance service?
The access control system was tailored to meet our specific needs and includes a touch screen at the concierge desk which is easy for our staff to use. Residents are free to come and go within the parameters of their specific access permissions. The system is robust and residents are almost never inconvenienced by system faults. The system has been designed to provide a high level of security and peace of mind for residents. The Rocks Police call us Fort Knox.

How have you found the customer service from Tritech Solutions?
The team are personable and easy to get on with. They are very upfront with their service and advice; if they can save you money in presenting the service in a different manner, they will do their best to do that for their client.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tritech Solutions to other businesses. They are a reliable and professional organisation and I have been more than satisfied with the quality of their service for over five years.

Do you have any ongoing maintenance service programs you undertake with Tritech Solutions?
The building has a preventative maintenance program with Tritech Solutions for the Access Control System. They also provide additional IT support for our office systems and undertake system software and hardware upgrades as required.

Tritech Solutions have been able to negotiate software upgrades at no additional cost to the client due to their strong professional relationship with the product provider.

System backups are now done via remote access to a secure off-site server which reduces our operating costs as we no longer need a technician to come to Observatory Tower every month to carry out a manual backup. It is generally more efficient, supplies a better service to the client and reduces ongoing costs.

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