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With our 11 years of industry experience you can rest assured that no matter how small or big the problem you are faced with Tritech Solutions can assist you in finding a solid, cost-effective solution. We bring together the best of breed products from global manufacturers committed to innovation and industry-leading products with our highly trained and certificated team, to create environments using technology that makes your life easier, increases your level of security and uses intelligent systems to provide you with information to save you time and reduce your operation costs.

Our solutions are created with integration at the core of our thoughts while we are designing a system. We aim to have a single point for your user interface to combine the benefits of multiple systems into a single point of control to save you time when controlling your environment, creating reports, carrying out surveillance or giving access to particular people for restricted areas. Our solutions take into account the complete environment and the best ways we can lever new and existing systems to offer value for money while keeping the operation as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Do you have an existing analogue DVR based CCTV system? Did you know you can upgrade to HDTV images using the same cabling? We can provide your existing environment with 1080 HDTV images using your existing coaxial cabling. This is a very cost-effective way to upgrade your surveillance system to HDTV to create better evidence for Police or internal investigations. You don’t need to settle for low-resolution image quality anymore as HD over coax is a great technology to make use of your existing infrastructure and allowing you to enjoy four times better image quality. Call us today to find out more and see if your site is compatible with HD over coax technology.

Our products are only half of the equation in our solutions, our team is the other half. Our team is focused on supporting the project, maintenance and service teams who are responsible for these technologies in an environment and when combined with our product offering we offer fully supported solutions you can rely on like would expect from a good mate.

Our structured approach, tested systems, proven technology, willingness to create a lasting impression and long-term friendship really provide you with the platform to see what we have to offer as you don’t have much to lose by giving us a call for a chat.

Solutions that may help you

Do you have a Concept 4000 security system? Well your hardware is compatible with the new generation controller from Inner Range (Integriti). We simply change over your main controller and reprogram your site to allow you to enjoy the many benefits an Integriti platform. The integriti platform provides you with remote access using a purpose built mobile app, advanced reporting, integration with VMS (Video Management Systems) Intercoms, and a very powerful main controller allowing the advanced logic engine to really get your environment singing and dancing to the tune of a creative programmer who can really tweak up your environment to get the most from your security system.

We’ll take care of all your technology needs.

Need security, CCTV, monitoring, we do it all.