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Health Care

Being a 24/7 facility with critical areas our solutions are designed and products selected to meet this demanding environment. We understand the demands and needs of a busy hospital, specialist areas and can provide prompt service to help when needed. Having facilities used by the public have varying requirements which Tritech Solutions understands and has experience is developing solutions to help manage and improve these environments. It could also be to improve the safety of staff in these environments by providing them with increased personal security measures, like fixed and wireless duress buttons which are connected to back office mimic & warning indication panels and wall mounted CCTV monitors to allow other staff members immediate support if required. A the hospital also has varying requirements from a car park help points system, campus wide access control and HDTV CCTV, to fixed and wireless duress systems. We focus on helping to provide a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors. To help improve operational efficiency could be as easy as deploying upgraded software to allow easier management of separate building access control from a central location, providing pin code notification via SMS and generating simple user access reports. We partner with global brands which have ongoing commitment to R&D to ensure improvements of these technologies and cutting edge developments allow us to continue to improve building environments. Tritech Solutions maintains factory certificated technicians to allow us to effective install and maintain systems used in hospitals. Our service team have fully stocked vans to carry out on the spot repairs. All of our technicians have electronic devices to allow online risk assessment before we start any work on site. All work is recorded electronically and the report is uploaded to our server, allowing it to be viewed online if you are at another site or need to view the details at a later date. We take servicing seriously and are always striving to improve your experience. From system design to solution implementation, Tritech Solutions offers a full range of products and services which will support the needs of any healthcare facility.

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