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Engadine Community Centre

Engadine community centre is a building that utilises cctv cameras and access cards to increase its security for staff and clients. It also operates an automated air-conditioning system. Here, Garry Dickensen, security manager at Sutherland shire council, explains the benefits of using the system after Tritech Solutions installed the user-friendly interface.

Project Details

The greatest benefits of this system are being able to resolve the issues instantly and also saving valuable time and money in no longer having to send a technician to the site to fix the problem.

If the air-conditioning is not working at the centre, the real-time monitoring of the system means I can remotely access it, see immediately what the problem is and aim to rectify it. If the system is on or off, I can change this, however if there’s a greater problem, we need to attend the site for further investigation.

When someone enters the building, they swipe a card automatically and it turns off the alarms, turns on the air conditioning, and provides access to the area they re-quire. The system is so sophisticated that it will only turn on the air-con in the specified area that will be used.

If they leave, and do not follow exiting procedures, once again, I can remotely switch on alarms, switch off the air-con, therefore saving money.

The CCTV Cameras provides a deterrent to those desiring to break into the building or vandalize the site. This has also meant we could save money as we don’t have to have security guards on site as often. Plus we have 24-hour video surveillance of the whole area.

Tritech Solutions were fantastic in setting this system up for us. They really think outside of the box and tailor-made a solution that met our needs. This is the real point of difference with the team at Tritech. They are very versatile, responsive and attentive. We are extremely happy with the service.

The guys have become an integral part of the business and they provide sound advice. A smaller company like Tritech is more focused on getting the job done and as the client you don’t get lost within a big system. We would highly recommended Tritech Solutions to any organisation requiring Electronic Security, Energy Monitoring and Building Automation.

Quick Project Statistics


seat capacity civic and cultural hall


Cameras on and around building

Fully automated A/C system

Alarm and intruder detector system

Monitored after-hours control room

Repair & maintained by us

We’ll take care of all your technology needs.

Need security, CCTV, monitoring, we do it all.