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Our Systems

Systems develop over time and change with the times but without a structured approach, we believe our business is not able to offer our customers a reliable, predictable and repeatable level of service and expectation. So we have established software-based systems to help support our business from CRM systems that integrate with our support ticketing module. Our job costing and purchase ordering system integrates directly with our field technician’s mobile devices for live customer service request updates. We have developed business intelligence reporting software to tie all of this information together with our accounting and financial software to keep track of our businesses overall performance. We are committed to ongoing investment and improvement in our business systems and processes to always improve the way we can provide an effective and efficient serving of our customers.

While systems can sometimes appear to take away from the very open and direct communications all of our customers have with our team, we have found over time that to effectively provide the two main types of services to our customers, Quoted (Projects) and Do & Charge (Service) the following processes help us to maintain the most predictable response in the shortest amount of time

We are always only a phone call away if you need help with a small or large project or just need some to fix a fault as service call. We have provided this information to help you follow how we handle and manage our customer requests.

Quoted Projects Story

Email us a Request for Quote (RFQ) or SOW detailing your project requirements. We have found that an email gets a request into our system the quickest and allow multiple people to assist if required to get back to your quickly. If you need help developing a scope of works (SOW) that’s no problem either, we offer Design and Construct and Consulting services as well. We will confirm via email if we can provide a compliant offer, meet your time frame or provide a suitable solution.
If the SOW needs to be developed or additional details are required, we will arrange a site visit to gather a more detailed understanding of your requirements and site conditions for the installation.
We prepare detailed solutions to RFQ and SOW requests to provide a very transparent and clear understanding of interruption of the required works. The preparing offer takes a considerable amount of time and effect as all of our solutions are custom engineered to offer the maximum value, using the most current and reliable equipment.
A face to face or online presentation is our chance to fully articulate the engineered solution we have developed. We want to make sure we have interrupted the scope of works fully and our solution will meet your requirements. We encourage feed back at this point to allow us to refine our solution to meet every detail you are looking for.
This is the report card stage, we have invented heavily into providing a detailed and compliant solution for your project. An acceptance in the way of a Purchase Order, Contract or written acceptance is the best result we could hope for. If we are unsuccessful we really value your honest and open feed back so we can improve, we will never dispute or question a decision but learn from the experience to make us better. Please don’t leave us hanging wondering why…
As the value of projects vary, there duration and the parties involved we offer flexible options to meet these different challenges. An initial deposit and milestone progress claims are a standard structure we offer. We can also offer finance repayment options if required as well.
The handover stage is the start of the next journey with our Delivery Team. Your contact during the sales process is available for any questions or clarification but your project is managed by our dedicated delivery team.

Service Call (Do & Charge)

The best way to request a service call is to be email us. The email is distributed to our service team and will be promptly attended too. If your request is URGENT and you need to speak to someone please call our office on 02 8884 3777. Our out of hours service is only available to maintenance customers or existing customers. We will confirm via email if we can provide a compliant offer, meet your time frame or provide a suitable solution.We will confirm via email if we can provide a compliant offer, meet your time frame or provide a suitable solution.
If you are a new customer, we will need to capture some details initially about your system, site specific contact details, WHS requirements and the type of systems you need us to service. We will provide you with an email reply with instruction on what to do and what information we need.
If you don’t have an account with us or only need occasional service from us we may request payment upfront for our service call and 1 hour of our technician’s time before we can attend site.
A member of our service team will contact you via email of telephone to coordinate a convenient time to attend and carry out your service. Our technicians are scheduled based on priority and next available. We endeavour to meet your time requests but can not guarantee this. We offer guaranteed service level times for customer with a maintenance agreement in place but system critical failures are prioritised for all customers.
You will be notified via SMS that a technician has commence travel to your site.
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