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Camperdown Project

Matias Dawson, construction manager at fip electrical, discusses how tritech solutions managed the installation of the security systems at the Camperdown project

Project Details

Tritech Solutions reported directly to our company in relation to the security requirements for this project. We have worked on a number of projects with the Tritech team and have an open relationship with them and heavily trust their expertise in the security industry and rely on their professionalism.

They consulted with us at the beginning of the project in relation to
the project’s specifications and requirements. Due to this being a full
Design and Construct Project, there was a lot more involvement from them on this project and this was made even more complicated as the building was built for NSW Housing and then handed over to Mission Australia as the final users of the complex.

The project is quite different from a standard residential project. The security is higher and there are more restrictions placed on the tenants due to the demographic. Access control is used heavily through the building and tenants can only gain access to their floor and room via proximity cards. This provides a secure environment for all patrons. Security at this site is paramount and incorporates a 24-hour manned station.

As the project was for Mission Australia, Tritech had to attend more meetings than usual to provide advice and solutions for specific operation’s needs.
Mission Australia mentioned there were problems with other centres in
the past so they wanted these problems solved before this project commenced installation of any security systems. Tritech put forward options to achieve such outcomes and they easily managed and implemented the changes.

We continue to do business with them. If there are ever any problems
on a site, they resolve the problems as soon as they can. The guys there are true to their word, come in and fix what ever needs to be done. I would highly recommend them to other businesses who require the services that they offer.

Quick Project Statistics


Self-contained studios


Hour concierge desk

On-site support

Secure-entry lobby

Star green rating

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