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From Pre-schools to Universities, our solutions help create intelligent, secure and simple to use environments for all levels of education facilities. Provide a pre-school with a simple keypad or remote door release for parents dropping of their kids each morning, to campus wide CCTV and access control systems in Universities. We offer a range of products to suit and enhance buildings used for education facilities.

Lighting control systems help to manage the unpredictable patterns of usage for learning areas while saving energy cost by ensuring lights are only on when needed. Combining carpark help points, campus wide access control and HDTV CCTV systems we can help to provide a safe environment for staff and students. Providing a simple and centralised management system for these extensive and often complex systems requires planning and years of knowledge to achieve successful implementation.

We partner with global brands which have ongoing commitment to R&D to ensure improvements of these technologies and cutting edge developments allow us to continue to improve building environments. Tritech Solutions maintains factory certificated technicians to allow us to effective install and maintain systems used in education facilities.

From system design to solution implementation, Tritech Solutions offers a full range of products and services which will support the needs of any educational facility and we provide flexible installation time to meet the hectic schedule of school times or class room needs by completing our work before or after hours or during semester breaks.

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