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Problems We Solve

Would you like help with managing, improving or fixing any of the following items;

  • Reduce Public Liability Claims (CCTV)
  • Easily give and restrict access to particular areas of your building (access control)
  • Provide activity reports to areas of your building (Access Control)
  • Provide reassurance for your reception, consultive or working alone staff with fixed or wireless duress buttons. (security system)
  • Allow visitors, delivery drivers or family friends with communication to your apartment or workplace (intercom)
  • Carpark or public area, help assistance (CCTV and Intercom)
  • Reduce your energy bills with automatic lighting (lighting control)
  • Turn off your HVAC when the office is not operating (automation)
  • Building Code Compliance – lighting control (Section J) or fail safe devices for egress pathways
  • Reduce vandalism or loitering around buildings (security systems)
  • Intruder detection (security systems)

We’ll take care of all your technology needs.

Need security, CCTV, monitoring, we do it all.