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Building Designer

Being a building designer has many elements to consider and the technology element has many levels of benefit to the end user. This can create difficulties with the design to remain functional while not taking away from the environment or feeling of the places being created.

Our solutions are created to provide low visual impact and a simple user interface. While we often have a lot of equipment to produce the end result we look to consolidate this equipment in riser cupboards out of the eye or areas which affect the customers’ primary usable areas. From purpose built 19” equipment cupboards which fit neatly into joinery in a boardroom, to integrated CCTV wall brackets or concealed proximity card readers behind wall paneling. We want to see our solutions become part of the environment not detract from the other appearances in an area.

Visual elements like lighting and Audio Visual displays can change the feeling of any environment and we aim to design solutions that enhance the space both visually and practically by offering solutions such as lighting control systems that not only create different moods but are also fully programmable and assist with the long term effective maintenance of the light fittings. Our experience and years of knowledge will help with the small details that have massive impact to a system and the end users experience. Understanding the way spaces will be used and at what time natural light will affect any area, allows us to suggest design enhancements to reduce lighting, placement of cameras or access control doors to improve area traffic flow.

Workshop drawings, technical datasheets and product samples are all part of the way we see our component can better interact in the space you design for your customers. The exciting part of our offering is the rate at which new products are created to expand our offering. So please don’t wait until your almost completed a design with a building that requires technology equipment like electronic security, lighting control or audio/visual elements, call us to arrange and design meeting so we can offer suggestions on ways we can enhance the environment you are creating.

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