Our solutions offer many ways to help a Security Manager carry out their role in a business more effectively and in a resourceful way. The balance between spending money on technology to reduce risk, provide a financial return or assist in immediately changing an environment is often difficult to balance and justify. Our solutions help Security Managers implement HDTV CCTV systems, intercoms, duress (wireless and fixed), access control (proximity card, RF remotes, biometric), intruder detection, perimeter detection (fence) with integration of all systems as a key focus and benefit to an environment.

We have a very consultative approach with our solutions, we like to understand the end result and benefit before we recommend or offer a solution to help an environment. Our system knowledge is directly accessible to you in creative ways to help with your decision. We provide onsite product demonstrations, trial systems with periods of time in your own environment to help confirm product suitability. We also take the guess work out of CCTV camera placement using camera layout software to make sure blind spots are covered. Our goal is to leave you feeling confident that the new electronic security systems will benefit your business allowing you to effectively manage it.

Our solutions are based on Australian Standards and industry best practices, so you can be assured that designs we create will stand the test of time and are predictable with their results. This also makes it easy for us to comply with site specific specifications prepared directly by Consulting Engineers.

Our approach is not to provide a specific product but more to build a lasting relationship with a customer. This is achieved by continuing to help and support you to improve the use of technology in an environment. We look at ways to improve a building operation, by thinking out of a singular security focus and considering things like the energy efficient control of areas, reporting on tenancy usage of car parks, providing “people counting” of an area and a range of other ways our building technology solutions can help the day to day operation of a building.

If you are a Security Manager or in a role which has the security and risk management of a business as a key part of your responsibly, we encourage you to call us for a free initial consultation to see how we can help.

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