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IT Managers

Every business is looking for the edge or the way to do things better and faster. The IT department is the place businesses revert to for technology-based enhancements to their business. While technologies like CCTV cameras and building control systems connect to IT networks the technical outcome of their systems or the demand of existing network infrastructure is often difficult to fully appreciate without some support from a trusted specialist systems integrator.

We would like to help you balance the technical consideration of technology requested by the business and the impact on your network performance and see that having trained and factory-accredited team members can work through these questions with a degree of science and backed up evidence. While it’s easy to connect a new HDTV CCTV camera to a network, setup recording and focus the camera, it is also important to consider the bit rate needed to maintain a suitable level of quality from the camera to the recorder, how much storage is needed to allow the Australian Standard retention time and what happens when multiple users want to see the video footage at the same time. Remote access to viewing and management consoles are often a request by users of the system, remote building locations that need wireless network links to provide suitable connectivity.

We have worked with IT departments for over 10 years and are very aware of the type of network considerations that need to be engineered into our solutions to ensure we are not risking the security, reliability or performance of customer networks. We have the experience and knowledge to talk the same jargon to ensure we both achieve the goals of the business without affecting the IT network or the need to create a parallel dedicated security network to duplicate the effective costs to the business. Please call us today to discuss your requirements and allow us to help you understand the true impact to your network.

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