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The Miller

The Miller is your destination for sophisticated living 24/7 in North Sydney. It is developed by award-winning YUHU Group who has international reputation for premium villas and high-rise apartments. Sydney based PTW Architects are behind the architecture of this modern luxury building.

The intruder detection, access control is fully integrated to provide a single software user interface electronic security system for control and management of the security system within the building. The software is used to control all security system operations – Alarm management, Lift Access, Access control door access, Card user access programming and system reports on card access, alarms and operator activity.

The CCTV system is a full IP network system with Network Video Recorder (NVR) and HD cameras.  All cameras are IP HD PoE. The Network Video Recording (NVR) equipment is also fully integrated allowing all cameras to be viewed on the nominated CCTV PC.