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Small / Medium Business

Increasing a business’s operational efficiency helps its bottom line, so when we work with a business we are always looking at the benefit to the business from the technology we are deploying. Is there ways we can make a slight change to the initial scope to create more value, like connected the security system to the lighting and HVAC to ensure they are turned off when the alarm system is armed to help reduce ongoing energy costs. Little things like sending you notifications that the cleaner is onsite and again when the security system is armed give you peace of mind everything is secure. Using access control (proximity readers) to help manage subcontractors to get gear out of hours without the use of keys, provide you with an audible activity log. CCTV cameras can help to monitor and manage customer interaction and be used to remotely monitor the general activity of the business when you are not on site.

You can also use technology to support your sales team presentations, with simple to use audio visual meeting rooms and product demonstration areas.

Our completed approach to technology is to provide an intelligent, secure & simplified environment, easy to use but also not just using a single product to sell you a system based on its capacity. Instead we constantly search new ways to improve your operation using the ever-changing technology to your advantage. We are always looking to improve our business, so what we learn, we like to share our finds with you. A win, win for both of us to benefit from.

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