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From single to multiple site security systems, to high security, including perimeter protection. A Council or Government department needs a range of different security systems and building technology to improve the ways their assets are controlled and protected.

Providing cost effective, feature rich and simple to operate systems, has allowed us to work with Councils and Government departments to help them achieve many of these objectives using proven products with measurable results. From a standalone security system in a community centre, to large administration buildings, we offer scalable solutions which keep the overall objective in mind. The small community centre could reduce the operating cost by deploying a system with remote programming support, to help staff to manage a number of sites from a single location.

The system could be expanded to provide integrated control of HVAC and lighting to reduce energy costs after being linked to the security system which monitors Alarm On/Off status.

Having facilities used by the public have varying requirements which Tritech Solutions understands and has experience is developing solutions to help manage and improve these environments. It could also be to improve the safety of staff in these environments by providing them with increased personal security measures, like fixed and wireless duress buttons which are connected to back office mimic, warning indication panels and wall mounted CCTV monitors to allow other staff members immediate support if required. Some assets need increased protection for high value items, so high security perimeter detection and warning systems could be deployed for these areas.

To help manage the changing locations of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping, we have provided solutions based around rapid deployment cameras which are fully self-contained (solar, on-board storage and mobile network communications). These units can be viewed on mobile devices to allow patrols or a central control room to monitor the activity in these locations, allowing the situation to be managed correctly without the costly fixed expense of permanent equipment.


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Video Synopsis is the simultaneous presentation of objects, events and activities that occurred at different times. Users can pinpoint events of interest, reach targets quickly and take action as required.

BriefCam Syndex is a next-generation product range based on Video Synopsis technology, offered as a standalone product, or an integrated or embedded part of the VMS environment and geared towards a range of user groups and market verticals.


Lightweight Rapid Deployment Camera with integrated communications, lithium battery and stainless mounting bracket.

The Madison Technologies Rapid Deployment Camera (RDC3) comes complete with integrated battery power supply and optional 3G/4G and/or WiFi communications. Intended for use in areas where A/C power is not available or where camera monitoring is only temporarily required, the Madison RDC3 is designed to be installed quickly and easily without requiring any fixed cabling infrastructure.

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Wearing our FrontLine camera police, public servants, hospital workers and others who deal with the public are protected against abusive behaviour, false complaints and litigation.

Every incident is seen, heard and recorded. The FrontLine is a tireless witness, working 8-hour shifts without a coffee break, without blinking. It misses nothing. So FrontLine protects their honour, their reputations and peace of mind.


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