Security System Monitoring

Tritech Solutions provide security system monitoring using the services of SecureNet – a world-first online Bureau Monitoring and Management Solution which is rapidly gaining global commendation from astute bureaus wanting to offer their clients access to the very latest technologies in security management.

Now, for the first time, both account Key Holders and Bureaus can “self-manage” online. This gives our customers the transparency to manage and see what is happening with their account and to also make changes to the account details instantly.

  • High-speed automated notification system
  • Live customer online account management
  • Online report generation
  • Transparent and detailed audit trail of events
  • Compatible with all major alarm panels
  • Video verification with mobile phone capability
  • Touch probe integration
  • Automated guard despatch and management
  • GPS and GSM tracking
  • 128-bit SSL secure interface
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