A busy little eco system, lot of activity in the morning and evening. A residential apartment complex needs to operate efficiently to maintain a good eco system. Modern apartment building generally all have intercom systems and a level of access control (prox readers) and most are upgrading or introducing CCTV systems.

Tritech Solutions installs, maintains, upgrades and services all of the security and lighting control systems in a residential apartment building. We are a one stop service provider for these systems and have an extensive amount of knowledge with different systems installed in most complexes.
Working with Executive Committees to determine the most appropriate solution to improve a building environment is all part of our service. We have an extensive demonstration area in our office to allow EC members to gain a better understanding of the technologies that can benefit their building.

Our service team have fully stocked vans to carry out on the spot repairs. All of our technicians have electronic devices to allow online risk assessment before we start any work on site. All work is recorded electronically and the report is uploaded to our server, allowing it to be viewed online if you are at another site or need to view the details at a later date. We take servicing seriously and are always striving to improve your experience.

Preventative or comprehensive maintenance plans are a great way to ensure a strata building continues to run and operate effectively and reliability. The comfort that our customers receive from having a maintenance plan in place, allows them to stop worrying about what if? If something happens at 2am in the morning with a maintenance plan and a priority service agreement, you are only a phone call away from talking to a trained technician who will be able to fix or isolate the problem.


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Five D is proud to announce that the Penrith Government Office Building which it manages on behalf of the coordinated the strategy with a team of electrical and mechanical services contractors including CBUS lighting, Grid Electrical, Crest Air Conditioning, Tritech Solutions, Richard Crookes Construction and the State Property Authority. He spoke of the achievement stating “Our combined objective was to reduce the buildings’ carbon footprint by adopting good building management principles.
Five D
As a prestige high-rise residential complex, there is a clear expectation that the standard of service achieved by various contractors is impeccable. Peter Game and his team are right on the ball in this regard. Their customer service is excellent and their level of product knowledge and technical expertise demonstrates why they are leaders in the field of offering solutions in electrical, IT and electronic security, which has had a major bearing on using their services over the last 5 years
Glen Webber
Building Manager, Francis Management Building Services (Observatory Tower)
Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the quality of the install. Everything is clean, tidy and looks like it is supposed to be where it is. The locations get great coverage, and the quality is such that it will be difficult to vandalise these camera’s (pull the conduit down)
Grant Murrell
Technical Services Manager, Wentworth Community Housing
We have found the service level provided to our facility by Tritech Solutions to be unequalled and our geographical location (Moss Vale, New South Wales) has not been a problem. Tritech have a base of technical knowledge, which is prevalent within all their service team members, and they have provided a level of reassurance that our facility will remain operational and manageable should a problem occur.
Paul McDade
Facilities Maintenance Coordinator, Australian Bio Resources
We are in the process of completing a renovation project in our building, working with several tradesmen.  Compared to working with Tritech it has been a nightmare!  Your team are excellent; I never had to chase them and the work was done on time to a high standard
Teresa Maynard
EC Member, McLaren Apartments North Sydney
Tritech Solutions has carried out a number of complex system upgrades, which have improved the security system management of our card access system and car park entry point management. They have shown an ability to think outside the square with challengers and problems we have encountered and have been able to rectify the issues while on many occasions, improved and enhanced our sites security system and operation. They have provided an extensive level of support and shown superior knowledge and reliability to meet our operational requirements.
Vince Biasi
Building Manager, Rhodes Corporate Park
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