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Wearing a few hats but like most business owners willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done, Peter is responsible for the general day to day running of the business. He focuses on Sales and Marketing in the business and prepares most of the larger and complex tenders. With 26 years’ industry experience, Peter enjoys the technical challenges of scope and system development as much as the administrative tasks a company requires. Using his Electrical & Telecommunications foundation Peter provides a very structured and methodical approach to system design. With a life commitment to learning, Peter keeps across new and innovative technologies in building automation & electronic security systems to continue to create solutions that suit a range of projects & customer requirements.

‘I’m fortunate enough to be able to work day to day with new and interesting technologies that are changing the way we work and live.’

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Taking ownership of the biggest cog of the business wheel, Stephen has an ability to simplify large and complex requirements, allowing them to be achieved with minimal fuss. Resource planning and material procurement require someone on the ball and able to change and amend a plan on the fly, while still meeting customer expectations and project time frames. Stephen is focused on major projects and the overall deliverable requirements of the business. With 24 years’ experience and many successful significant project deployments, Stephen has seen many technologies evolve and advance in their benefit to customers. With both practical experience and manufactured training, Stephen has the gift of what will and has worked in the past, to save customers money in the approach taken to complete often complex and difficult projects.

In The Office

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Out In The Field

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